The Weekly Trainer: Week 1, The Big Signup

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by Amy Gruntner


I recently signed up for Tough Mudder 2013! Tough Mudder is a 10-12 mile obstacle course that encompasses 20-25 obstacles designed by British Special Forces. This event is so appealing to me because it is the ultimate challenge. It isn’t a race, it’s just a test to see how tough you are mentally, physically, and at times, emotionally. It’s kind of like racing in a marathon; you train hard to complete a task that seems unimaginable for a lot of people. The big pay off will be crossing that finish line and being crowned with the coveted orange Tough Mudder sweatband.

And for those readers who have been looking for inspiration, whether it’s to get in shape or to merely mix things up in terms of a diet and workout routine, I’ll share my food and fitness journal with you from now until the challenge.

So, without further ado:

My challenge: Tough Mudder

When: July 21, 2013



 Breakfast: Frosted Mini Wheats, Milk

Lunch: PB&J on whole grain bread, 1 whole green bell pepper, corn and peas, Milk

Dinner: Rice, Vegetable and Tofu stir-fry, Broccoli, Milk

Work Out: Sprint ¼ mile to field, 10 minutes continuous of abs, 7 minutes continuous of gluts, Run ¼ mile back, 4 Sets of stairs (all the way up and down=1)



Breakfast: Egg, cheese and bagel sandwich, Fruit, Milk

Lunch: Salad with tomatoes, celery, cottage cheese and mushrooms, Water

Dinner: 1-cup wild rice soup, Fresh Fruit, Milk

Work Out: 3-mile run, 15 minutes of continuous abs



 Breakfast: 1 Pancake, Milk

Lunch: Apple with peanut butter

Dinner: Pasta with veggies, Small salad, Milk

Work out: 30-minute continuous AM lap swim



An important thing to remember is to have a day of rest to let your body recuperate. So one day out of the week take a day off from working out. I usually take Sunday off, but today I was too busy to work out. Though I did go to the Badger game, and “Jump Around” can be quite the calf workout.

Breakfast: Mojo Bar*

Lunch: Pasta with vegetables, Water

Snack: Chocolate milk

Dinner: Tuna sandwich, Milk

*Welcome to the wonderful world of Mojo Bars! You may have heard of Clif Bars, Mojo Bars are made from the same Clif company. I enjoy both bars but my favorite are the Mojo’s. Just one of these bars has 9 grams of protein, no cholesterol, 9 grams or fat, 3 grams or fiber and 180 calories. Check out my favorite flavors: Mountain Mix and Chocolate Almond Coconut. These organic granola bars are great for a snack between classes or before/after a good workout.


Week 1: Complete

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