Don’t have a Halloween costume yet? Fear not!

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by Jen Anderson

Admit it: you did it again. You forgot to take five minutes from your busy midterm-filled days to plan a costume for Halloween! Luckily, over time, many Halloween costumes have adapted from laborious, elaborate ideas into, let’s face it, quirky and very simple options, often with little needed to make the statement.

Living in Madison provides students with many opportunities for inexpensive, last minute costumes. Lots of options can be found right on campus, on State Street or even in your own closet.

Many it’s not the first place that comes to mind, but Walgreens is a great place for finding last minute ideas. The mega chain sells many Halloween accessories that serve as cheap costume alternatives when paired with any basics found in your closet. Some of these include a devil costume for $5.99, an angel costume for $4.99 or animal costumes for $5.99. Any of these can be paired with a basic dress or, for a more comfortable approach, skinny pants or shorts.

Without a doubt, the best low-cost last minute shop for Halloween would be Ragstock, an inexpensive new and used clothing and accessories store located at 327 State Street. For those wanting a pre-packaged outfit, Ragstock sells many hilarious and modern costumes. The best last-minute costumes, however, can be found in the basement of the store, which houses many bulk consignment pieces like Boy Scout uniforms, faux-fur coats, doctor scrubs and even old marching band uniforms. Ultimately, Ragstock is more for the creative type that loves a unique costume no one else will have.

For the people who love to procrastinate up until the very last day, don’t worry. Your own closet is one of the best places to find a creative and fun Halloween costume. Check out our list below of the best last minute costumes found with closet basics!

Rosie the Riveter: What costume could be easier? All you need is a blue button down shirt (such as one cast in denim or chambray), jeans and a red bandana.

The Nerd: Without a doubt, the classic spur-of-the-moment costume for most situations is “The Nerd”. All you need is a pair of glasses, a button down shirt or polo and appropriate bottoms to tuck your shirt into. Suspenders and other distinctive accessories are optional, but also provide the perfect finishing touch.

Snooki: What person better represents current reality TV than Snooki? This look straight from the Jersey shore can be effortlessly accomplished with a Snooki hair bump, a tight dress (preferably in some sort of animal print) and sunglasses. To complete the costume, go out wearing a pair of fuzzy slippers instead of regular shoes.

Football Player: This costume is easy for any football fan out there, as it only requires a football jersey, athletic or booty shorts and black makeup. Add some extra pizzazz to this costume with a team hat to match your jersey!

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