Street Smart: Contemporary Vintage

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by Paige Schultz, Fashion Writer

As if it wasn’t already obvious enough, Lauren is one of those girls that are hard to ignore. While walking home from class, I spotted my lovely friend from blocks away thanks to her vibrant red locks, and when we were close enough to have a conversation, I couldn’t stop focusing on the unique styling of her ensemble. Though she merely donned a simple black tee, with jeans and flats, it was undeniable: Lauren stood out.

It wasn’t until after I inquired about her personal style that I realized what was so original about her look. Using 1920s and 50s fashion for inspiration, this UW-Madison sophomore likes to take trends from the past and give them a contemporary twist. Her red lips, cat-eye makeup, ballerina bun, studded earrings and watch-patterned silk scarf all allow Lauren to express her love for vintage fashion. But when styled in a modern way, Lauren creates a look that is far from dated.

Here’s the breakdown:

Name: Lauren DeVries

Year: Sophomore

Major: Undecided

Wearing: Ornate Scarf – Urban Outfitters; Blue Jeans – Gap; Black Ballet Flats – Payless; Earrings – Vince Camuto

Personal Style: “It depends on the day. I honestly just do what I want. I like to take old trends and make them into something new. Kind of like mixing and matching different fashion eras.”

Inspiration/Icons: “I am quite obsessed with the 1920s and the 1950s.”

Favorite Places to Shop:“Forever 21, Urban Outfitters and little vintage shops.”

Spotted: Wednesday, October 24th at 3:00 PM on N. Park Street.

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