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by Marlee Katz, Fashion Writer

In an effort to showcase novel and up-and-coming fashion photographers, Marius Troy started the Ben Trovato Blog. Meaning well found in Italian, the blog seeks to find exceptional images that tell a story.

Troy graduated from the Oslo Academy of Visual Arts in 2009, with a Masters in Visual Communication, and began developing the Ben Trovato Blog after collecting and posting fashion photography as a pastime. Fusing editorials and images from magazines, Troy was able to bring together all of the elements of fashion he loved on the blog.

After quitting his job at an advertising agency, Troy made Ben Trovato his full time profession. Troy developed the company on his own, coding the website and writing and implementing the creative aspects. He soon hired writers and other creative minds to work for the site, and to help find photographers and set up shoots.

Troy chooses images that demonstrate the photographer’s aptitude for fashion photography, shown by their ability to create a true visual entity through the combination of the model, lighting and styling. He believes the image is all about sending a message from a frozen moment in time. To find these powerful pictures, Troy, rather than flipping through Vogue, delves deeper, working with his scouting team to find some of the most amazing fashion images on the Internet. Focusing on raw and new talent, Ben Trovato has featured photographers as young as sixteen years old.

As long as an image evokes emotion and fulfills his aforementioned requirements for fashion photography, Troy is more than happy to showcase it on the blog. Working with undiscovered talent, Troy has been able to start many careers for photographers, which he has found very rewarding.

Ben Trovato launched in 2009 and has only gotten bigger since then. Fashion magazine editors are now finding their photographers for shoots from the blog, and with offices opened in Oslo, Tokyo, and soon New York and London, there is still much come in the world of Ben Trovato.

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