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by Cassy Krueger

The semester’s in full-gear, and we’re all loaded up with exams and projects and papers, not to mention weeks’ worth of neglected reading. Personally, I’m looking at a quiz and several assignments this week on top of 2 exams and a paper next week. So, naturally, I’ve created a very handy goal sheet for this week’s DIY project. It’s simple, satisfying, and really conducive to procrastination. Because why would you start your to-do list when you can make a really fancy representation of it instead?

Step 1:

All you’ll need is a thick piece of paper (I used an old sketchbook), some pens or markers, a ruler and post-it notes.

Step 2:

Use your ruler to create a rectangular shape around the top of your paper. You could meticulously measure it out, but I just went on faith. I measured out ½ inch from each edge of the paper and stopped my rectangle at about 4.5 inches from the top of the paper.

Step 3:

Since each post-it is 3×3 inches, I measured this out onto my paper. You could also just trace around a post-it for each. My paper was 9 inches wide, so that made space for 3 post-its with no space between them. If your paper is larger, some space between them might look nicer. Add another space for a post-it inside of the rectangle at the top of the paper as well.

Step 4:

Decorate away! I used whatever markers I could find in my apartment and went creative crazy on my goal list. It was very therapeutic.

Step 5:

Write your goals on separate post-its and place them in one of the 6 squares. I chose to ignore school and work-related goals and focus on personal goals. Some examples:

  • Get enough sleep (yeah right)
  • Clean my bedroom (probably more likely to sleep)
  • Make a delicious dinner (eating is something I can definitely accomplish)

Step 7:

Accomplish your goals! And just imagine how satisfying it will be to crumple up those post-its when you’ve completed them. Progress!

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