Madison Welcomes You, Leo Villareal!

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By Amy Gruntner

This fall, head down State Street to the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art and check out Leo Villareal’s recent art installation.

Villareal is a New York-based artist who is one of the first of his kind to work with LED lighting and computer programming to create incredible pieces.

Upon entering the exhibit, I was instantly taken aback. The gallery space has darker-mood lighting, which makes the LED pieces really stand out. Villareal’s pieces are so captivating that you will find that time flies while staring intently at a single piece. Though make sure you check out the entire gallery, because the pieces only get better and better.

Hive, 2007

This is the first piece seen upon entering the gallery. Suspended above your head this piece is the perfect opening piece to an exceptional presentation.

Trihex, 2010

Villareal presents a variety of ways that LED lights can be used in each unique piece. Each piece showcases bright light and often light movement within the piece.

Stars, 2008

This piece, Stars, was my favorite of the collection. I found myself constantly going back to this piece just so I could stare at it longer. It has so many different patterns that it never looks the same. This piece was made with LEDs, transformers and electric circuit.

MMoCA has hosted several special events regarding Villareal’s exhibit this fall and will host two events in the upcoming weeks, including a drop-in tour with a docent on November 10 and a children’s event on November 11. For additional information please visit MMoCA exhibit schedule.

The exhibit is running now through December 30 at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. The museum is located at 227 State Street. Its hours are 10am-8pm Saturday, noon to 5pm Tuesday through Thursday and Sundays, and noon to 8pm on Fridays. 

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