Fall Nails to Fit Your Look

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by Paige Schultz and Chloe Karaskiewicz, Fashion Writers

One great way to enhance any look is to indulge in a manicure, finished with unique colors and styles of polish to match your outfit – and your personality. But with so many options available this fall, which is right for you? Take a look at our list below of the biggest trends in nails this season, and enjoy experimenting with them all!


Jewel Tones

This nail trend is for the girl who doesn’t shy away from a little extra attention. With a plethora of gorgeous hues in ultra-glossy shades, your manicure will be sure to stand out. Resembling the oh-so-indulgent colors we’ve seen in recent runway collections, jewel tone polishes are available in colors ranging from rich rubies, royal blues, emerald greens and everything in between.

The best part is, jewel tones flatter nearly every skin tone, so there is no concern with finding your right shade. As such, feel free to experiment! With such a variety of hues available, it’s quite impossible to not want to try them all.

Not a fan of super-bold color? Opt instead for a shiny, metallic gold or silver manicure for a look that will still pop, but provide you with a little more flexibility. In any case, no matter how you choose to embrace it, this nail trend will surely have you grabbing everyone’s attention.

Pale Nails

Do you just so happen to be one of those no fuss, no muss kind of gals? Then trust us, you’ll love this nail trend. Pale nails, or rather nude nails, are perfect for the college girl who cannot go a day without chipping her perfectly polished manicure. Nude nails are simple, low-maintenance and perhaps one of the strongest beauty trends this fall. Not only are they versatile in their ability to match every outfit, but they’re also relevant from season to season, as nude is a color that never seems to go out of style.

For those who desire to put a little extra oomph into their plain-Jane manicure, feel free to experiment with mauve hues and lots of shine. Nude colors can have undertones that range from pretty pinks to basic nudes and mauve-like cocoas, so don’t feel as though this trend is limiting. For inspiration check out Dior’s nude line that was just launched this fall.

Dark Tones

Seductive, daring, bold. No other words could possibly better describe a dark manicure. Over the past few of years, nails in shades of black, deep reds, rich navy blues and sultry purples have taken the fashion world by storm. Thanks to this surge in popularity, the reputation of dark nails has evolved from gothic to super-trendy and chic. Needless to say, this trend is for a girl who loves to make a statement.

Yet don’t confuse these deeper hues for jewel tone shades. While both are considerably darker than your average brighter nail colors, these dark colors are distinguishable from their jeweled counterparts, as they will appear black. However, when seen in the light you should be able to notice subtle hints of purple or navy. As always, be sure to add a shiny clear coat to your manicure, as this will help the undertones of your polish shine through for an even more exquisite look.

Dark French

This season, with many designers reaching into their houses’ past for new inspiration, another classic underwent a modern update. For the feminine fashionista with an edge, Fall 2012 offers a dark French manicure. New tips in black, silver, and lace details dominated shows and presentations, with the trend further realized as reverse manicures (also called half-moon manicures). These nails, darker than the classically chic look of yesteryear, amp up femininity with a bit of edge, echoing the looks on the runway.

Embrace the colors of the season in this look by using darker tones (such as oxblood) for the tips, and nudes for rest of the nail. Jazz it up for the holidays with some sparkle, and try black tipped glittery nails.


While metallics saw a revival this season at Jean Paul Gaultier, the true winner in this trend was the deviation from traditional gold and silver on the Tracy Reese runway, seen with her peacock stunners. Many of the season’s most prominent hues get a mature makeover: from nude to blue, let these nails be the perfect beauty accessory this fall and take on shimmer without the glitter. Find chromes of all shades and colors from brands like Essie with a new line of “mirror metallic” polishes.

Daring Statements

Texture, intricate prints and bright rainbows of color made great strides for fall, especially on Rachel Anotoff’s runway with midnight blue and silver marbled nails and tri-hued coral, white, and baby blues. Alice + Olivia showed a rich dark twist on this trend with gold flecked black nails, while polka dots appeared at Kate Spade. Ruffian brashly rang in the season with candy purple nails, made even more stunning by oblong enhancements. To go bold, try metallic glitter over a dark color, like black or oxblood; or patterns, either painted or printed with stick-on nail finishes in a variety of colors and textures.

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