Fashion & Cocktails in Downtown Madison

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by Marlee Katz, Fashion Writer

On Saturday night at Hotel Red, Flagship USA showcased their holiday sample sale collection. With all proceeds going to charities supported by various sororities on campus, the event turned out quite the crowd, full of fashionable girls.

With brands like Genetic Denim, Nora del Busto and George Gina and Lucy, the event was geared towards the high-end, trendy customer. There were a variety of stunning black and white dresses and leather jackets, along with alligator jewelry and large, embellished bags.

After speaking with Idris Odunewu of Flagship USA, I learned the story behind the company: “We sell fashion as if we are selling art,” Odunewu says.”When you walk into the store, there is a minimalist approach. We have a bar in the store that we use for special events, as well as a workspace so organizations can have meetings. We work with a lot of nonprofits as well; next week we will be a part of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer event. Our store is all about getting in touch with our customer. It’s more about the experience that you have shopping than the clothes specifically. We opened up our first store in Grand Avenue Mall in Milwaukee.”

Rather than defining success via quantity of sales, Iris explained that Flagship USA “defines success [as] based on how many shoppers we transform…when someone leaves with something that is fitted for them, we feel as if we have been successful.”

Thanks to their sophisticated and minimalistic approach, Flagship USA caters to the type of woman who likes effortless and beautiful clothing. Brand names and labels never appear on their garments.

Poi Mida, the woman who organized the Fashion & Cocktails event, explained how this opportunity came to Madison. “We wanted to reach a different market,” she says. “Flagship USA is considering opening a store in the downtown Madison area, so we wanted to showcase the company’s apparel to students here in Madison tonight.”

Given the initial success of this first event, Poi hopes that following opportunities will gain more customer traffic. “We are going to have another event that will be geared towards the college student’s budget. We also hope to have the next event at a location that students can access more easily on foot.”

With gorgeous clothing and fashionable faces, the Fashion and Cocktails event was a great success. Keep your eyes open for upcoming shopping events in the downtown Madison area!

Click through the gallery below for photos from Saturday night’s event!

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