RAW Madison’s 2012 RAWards

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by Taylor Nye

The 2012 RAWards semi-finals, hosted at the Majestic on Nov. 7, honored the creativity of local artists in a competition that showcased film, music, visual art, fashion design and much more.

Briana Nava took first place in filmmaking for her film “Screaming Underwater,” an otherworldly depiction of a cheating boyfriend and his girlfriend’s response to trying to go about a normal day. Although the film is generally well-edited, the elements that shine through most are the lush, hipster’s paradise apartment setting and the muted vocals used to elucidate speaking underwater.

The RAW Madison band winner was local group Sexy Ester. Their musical style courted traditional pop, yet the band made it known they were all about rock and roll. Frontwoman Lyndsay Evans captivated the audience with her well-trained vocals and stage persona, while the rest of the band enjoyed the set and their close-knit groove.

The visual artist to win the semi-final awards was Christy Grace, who describes herself as “a passionate artist, cake decorator, and face painter.” With this eclectic milieu it might be difficult to define a sense of artistic self, yet Grace maintains a unique personal style that often features blue-haired women and water scenes.

Photography winner Angela Voell told RAW Madison that she has been taking photographs since 3rd grade, focusing on photography as a way to capture moments in life. This was showcased in her work, which depicts weddings, births and simple scenes of life’s beauty.

Performing artist of the year went to KiX TRiX, a high-energy former martial artist who brought his unique brand of “tricking” to a whole new audience in Madison. For a man who lists his influences as “Bruce Lee and Spiderman,” attendees of the RAWards knew they had a lot to look forward to when KiX TRiX took– and owned– the competition.

Hairstyling winner for the night was Rebecca Loomans, whose etherial creations could have been seen on the runway of any fashion week. In contrast to the other hairstylists, Loomans focused on the girls themselves, dressing them in plain white shift dresses and having them walk the runway in bare feet.

Tami Reschke of the Bohemian Bauble took home the award for Accessories Designer, and the Makeup category was won by Katrina King of Blush! Makeup Artistry.

Fasion winner Tyler Lambert graced the runway with his homage to lace and approach to 3D styling. Fifteen-year-old Lambert showed a collection that included bold, tropical prints, pastel colors, sheer fabrics and flowing trains. Lambert even chalked one of his model’s hair in half pink and half blue, a runway trick fit for a professional.

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