Staff Picks: Chic Bags Suited For Wisconsin Winters

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by Jen Anderson

Carrying bags through the snow and sub-zero temperatures of winter is often a love-hate relationship. Like you other glam girls out there, I demand that I carry all of my belongings in the cutest “it-bag” of the moment. Unfortunately, the harsh, cold and wet winters in Madison makes it so hard to stay trendy with accessories that won’t be easily damaged. Through trial and error, including some VERY unfortunate incidents involving white suede, I have learned that some weather is just not good for bags. Luckily, this winter season offers a variety of options with promising looks for both style and durability.

Below are some of the best bags for winter that are guaranteed to keep you stylish yet practical while on the go:

Water Resistant/Water Proof

The first and most important aspect in a winter bag is water resistance. As magical as snow may appear, I have lost some seriously chic bags in the past due to water damage. Materials like leather, suede and thin nylon have no hope during those rigorous Wisconsin winter days. The two bags below are perfect options for going to school or when going out with girlfriends for a snowy day of Christmas shopping.


One of my favorite types of bags during winter, or any season for that matter, is the simple cross-body bag. The handiest part of this bag is that you can wear it across your body underneath a winter coat without the bulge a normal purse would create. The two cross-body bags below are from very sturdy and reliable brands. Though I may be biased because I have owned both of these options in the past, I can attest to their longevity through the elements, which makes them perfect for the winter season.


Sometimes there are those winter nights in Madison when you would rather choose a fashionable purse over something practical for the weather. That’s when the classy studded bag comes in handy. Not only is this trend very popular right now, but simple, black studded leather purses hold true through most inclement weather, and are the perfect, low key accent piece to all the current winter fashion trends. I absolutely adore the two studded bags below for being spacious, chic and heavy-duty during those winter dates or snowy trips to the bar on a weekend night.

Click through the gallery below to see all of the bags mentioned in the piece!

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