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by Marlee Katz, Fashion Writer

With hot editorials, the “it” jeans of the moment and fabulous music videos, Bleach Black is a “Conversational Fashion Diary” you must follow. Kristin Reiter and Valerie Killeen merge some of the most fashion forward and stimulating posts into one cohesive whole, creating a blog with one side dedicated to each woman, which allows both to play off the other’s personal voice and interests.

With DIY bracelets and spiked heels, LEGO-encrusted handbags and transparent briefcases, Reiter and Killeen share some of the most eccentric fashion notions around. Revealing unfamiliar jewelry designers, like Lauren Wolf and Ettika, there is always a new surprise while scrolling through Bleach Black.

Designers for RVCA, Nike and Element, Reiter and Killeen have a plethora of experience in the industry and are able to exhibit their Cali style through their personal experiences, with short and sweet, visually appealing posts.

Aside from being the best of friends, Reiter and Killeen hope to cut the nonsense and share posts that inspire. Feeding off each other’s interests and lifestyles allows Reiter and Killeen to post in a collective manner.

As a team, the bloggers have collaborated with companies like Urban Outfitters to develop with their own jewelry and nail polish. On her own, Reiter created a “Snow White” chrome mirrored phone case, which retails for $150 on her personal website.

Both Reiter and Killeen are extremely passionate about what they do. With concise posts, infinite expertise in the fashion world, and Lucky Magazine’s Fashion and Beauty Blog Conference and Award Show’s “Most Innovative” title under their belts, both girls are more than qualified to disclose their fashion sense with the world.

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