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by Chloe Karaskiewicz, Fashion Writer

RAW:Madison Fashion Designer of the Year: Tyler Lambert

Line: D.H.S. (Doll House Studio)

Inspirations: style of mom and sisters, found items, altered art and textiles, nature

Fifteen year old Tyler Lambert calls his art “the altered bohemian”—a collage of feminine fabrics in unusual shapes, finished with a tailored fit. Look closer at his transparent maxi skirt and you will see a carefully tailored color-block pencil skirt underneath. Study his fabric choices and you will see lace whipped into structural shoulders that seem to defy the nature of the textile.

Seeing his designs it is clear that Lambert likes to play with art. He prefers a collage of ideas to a single focus and while this would normally seem eclectic, there is a charm about the line that make it just the right amount of crazy. Welcome to Wonderland because down this rabbit hole all you have to do is look through the layers to find the meaning in the madness.


RAW:Madison Hairstylist of the Year: Rebecca Loomans

Inspirations: the rain, Monet, Degas, Chanel, Prada, Amy Winehouse, among others

Armed with an art major from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Rebecca Loomans discovered her true passion: hair design. After pursuing beauty school Loomans established herself as a stylist for Aveda while working photoshoots, fashion shows, special events, and weddings.

Inspired by richness in materials, textures, and colors, Rebecca’s stylings are full of glamour while maintaining a touch of edge. In her most feminine looks there is a sharp precision that moves the styles from good to great, a harnessed wildness in edgier looks that inspires rather than alienates viewers.

RAW:Madison Makeup Artist of the Year: Katrina King

Affiliations: Blush! Makeup Artistry

Inspirations: nature, music, books, simplicity, everyday life

Katrina King knows how to style women: haute couture rhinestone lips to natural looks, you name it, she can probably do it. With an aim to highlight women’s individuality through make up, King likes to focus on her clients’ natural beauty. Eleven years into her career, King has proven herself as a leader in the field with a wide range of abilities from elegant to edgy, and everything in between.

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