Street Smart: Polished Professional

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by Yeonju Oh

I spotted Yousung in the hotel conference room during my global issues conference. I personally think that guys don’t have as great a variety as girls when it comes to picking out formal clothes; however, Yousung defies this disparity and creates a fashionable name for himeself. He wears a charcoal suit with a crisp cut that gives him a professional look. Yousung’s styling of his white button-down peeks out just the right amount from his jacket sleeve, and is opened at the chest to give a youthful and laid-back vibe. While the other guys in this business conference walk around in ill-fitting suits, Yousung is tailored flawlessly as his jacket’s hemline falls right below his thumbs, while his pants are cuffed perfectly to showcase his shoes. Speaking of shoes, it is evident that they are the main attraction of his entire outfit. His woody brown oxfords gives him a polished and mature appeal that is the current rage in magazines and on celebrities everywhere.

Here’s the breakdown:

Name: Yousung

Year: Freshman

Wearing: Charcoal Suit – T.I FOR MEN, Brown Oxfords – Soda Homme, White Shirt – UNIQLO

Personal Style: Basic, classic

Inspiration/Icons: Brad Goreski

Favorite Place to Shop: Uniqlo

Spotted: November 7 at The Madison Concourse Hotel

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