Stylish Winter Travel Tips

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by Chloe Karaskiewicz


As the mercury continues to drop over the next few months, and the semester winds to a close, the holiday season – and traveling to all of our various destinations – fast approaches. We’ve all faced the challenge of looking good – stylish, put-together, clean – on and after the eight-hour drive to visit family for the holidays, or any length of plane ride. Compiling tips from stars, models, professionals and bloggers, we bring you a list of products and advice to look good en route, on arrival, and through your entire trip. Whether it’s plane, train or automobile, this packing list is sure to help you shine with the latest trends.

Beauty Tips in Transit

Hair: Traveling, especially at high altitudes, can wreak havoc on your hair. Keep a small brush and hairspray (try Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly, $3 for a relaxed hold) on hand, and try traveling with your hair back. A bun can be best for post-travel styling, allowing you to take it down later and shake it loose for stylish waves.

Skin: Winter weather and harsh winds chap hands, lips and any exposed skin. Travel during this season requires copious amounts of lip balm (try Nivea: A Kiss of Mint and Minerals, $3 for extra healing) and hand moisturizer (try Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream, $4).

Face: For a long trip, travel with a bare face and apply makeup at the end of the journey. Freshen up with a spritz of rosewater (try Organic Bulgarian Rose Water, $7) to soothe skin irritation, prevent acne and revive your face. Liven up your makeup with a fresh coat of mascara (try Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, $7) and powder foundation, instead of liquid, to minimize the drying effects of travel (try Neutrogena SkinClearing Mineral Powder, $12). For a shorter trip, set your makeup before traveling to minimize wear and fading and ensure a fresh face on arrival (try Urban Decay All Nighter Spray in travel size, $12).

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At Your Destination

Chilly Trip: Whether you’re hitting the slopes or just hanging out in a winter wonderland, here are a few cold weather staples to keep you warm and stylish this season.

Take refuge from the weather beside a fire in a Nordic inspired sweater (French Connection, Copenhagen Knits Sweater, $168 pictured); try something in white to embrace the “white out” trend (H&M Jumper, $31); and don a pair of wool socks, like J. Crew’s famous Camp Socks ($13, pictured), for additional cozy comfort. Pair these woolens with warm cords in fall’s favorite color: oxblood (Oxblood Skinny Corduroys, $50).

For slightly more temperate weather, be a cool weather fashionista in an oversized overcoat, like this BCBG number, with knee high boots, tall leather + knit gloves (Ann Taylor Gloves,  $78, pictured), and snow bunny earmuffs (New Look, $6, pictured).

Facing a blizzard? Embrace the Madison favorite – a cozy down parka – to keep you warm from your head to your knees. Further your look with cute mittens (People Tree Mittens, $28, pictured), a cozy hat (H&M Hat, $19, pictured), and fleece lined waterproof boots. For more winter boot ideas, check out MODA’s feature: Rethink Your Winter Boots.

Beachy Get Away:Trading cocoa for cocktails on the beach this winter break? Find your warm weather style and embrace the sun with these suggestions.

Structured bikinis are still huge, so look for a top with underwire or piping, or get inspired by floral patterns, vintage detailing, or stripes; ss with swimwear, find inspiration from vintage themes like cat’s-eye and the Jackie-O. Give these classics a modern twist with pale frames in nude, white, clear and ballet pink as fashion turns its eye towards this color scheme.

Sun hats are a must have for beaches, both to prevent burns and melanomas, and to add an accessory that completes any look. Go floppy or fedora this season, again looking at natural colors – military olive, brown, tan, white – to compliment any ensemble.

As far as cover ups, even in locations closer to the equator, temperatures are not blazing off the charts, so opt for something with sleeves: a loose knit à la Michael Kors, or a soft cloth, shirtdress-inspired piece.


Dress for the day in statement-making pieces, like Old Navy’s patterned capris ($10), which evoke island life in batik blue and white zigzags, or J. Crew’s classic 3″ chino short ($20, now on sale!) in a variety of jewel tones, including eggplant and tangerine, all perfect for this fashion season while in warmer weather. Jazz up your vacation wardrobe in the evening with breezy dresses in geometric prints reminiscent of Prada’s heralded art deco flowers (Fluid Shirtdress, $60), or warm weather whites in a classic shirt dress shape (Roll Sleeve Shirtdress, $40). Make more ensembles with a printed skirt, either by itself or paired with a printed shirt for those more bold (Hothouse floral skirt, J. Crew, $200, pictured).

So this winter, whether you’re traveling short or long distances, into warm or cold weather, taking off the layers or piling them on, refer here to keep calm and style on!

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