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by Yeonju Oh

If you know anything about New York City street fashion or men’s fashion in general, you have probably heard about Nickelson Wooster. He is the Manhattan-based creative director for JCPenny, where he was newly appointed after years as the men’s fashion director at Berdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. Nick has been a longtime influence in luxury fashion, having advised the likes of Thom Browne and Gilt Groupe, but is most widely recognized as an men’s style icon, all thanks to his great sense of fashion.

Due to his innovative interpretations of leading fashion trends, he is a role model for loyal fans all around the world, who refer to him affectionally as the “Woost God.” From casual options to businesswear, Nick creates unique ensembles by focusing on the minor details, while still keeping the whole look classy and simple.

Nick Wooster’s height is a mere 5’6’’; however, he never seems overly short. He knows the best styles and fits for his body type. From among the many visions born from Nick’s style, three strong and trendy fashion suggestions can be made. First is a menswear technique called “tie tucking,” which Nick utilizes with different shirts and ties. By tucking the lower half of the necktie into his shirts, Nick showcases the top half and knot, bringing a novel look to his styling. He also sometimes matches ties and shirts of the same color, while other times choosing to go with two totally different tones. And when he chooses to wear colored patterned shirts, like gingham or plaid, he often opts for a simple, solid tie to infuse simplicity into the general style of the outfit.

Wooster’s extensive tattoos are also his fashion trademark. While Nick makes waves knowing how to dress sharply and simply, his armsleeve tattoos further distinguish him from other fashionistos in the industry. These tattoos also afford him an additional angle to his appearance: he can be totally professional and wear a suit with traditional style, or take a more edgy approach as a dynamic trendsetter by rolling up the sleeves and showing the world his colorful Irezumi artistry.

Most notable is Wooster’s ability to truly make a statement with his own individual interpretations of trends, especially camouflage, which has swept through both men’s and women’s fashion for the past year. Though the print may sometimes be seen as an overly abrasive, “military look,” Nick brightens and smooths it by wearing vibrant shirts like solid pinks and reds.

In general, Nick does not “over do” or “wear out” fashion trends, but instead has his own individual style with which he seeks and challenges himself to focus on details. Simply said, he is not afraid of pairing bright yellow oxfords with a classic black suit. You can find him in many street style shots on The Sartorialist and STREETFSN.

Click through the gallery below for these and other photos of Nick’s incredible style!

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  1. Nick shows that age does not need to define what you wear. I don’t like everything
    he does, but has the balls to show off his true personality. I think he looks awesome
    for a man in his 50’s!

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