Street Smart: Neutral Comfort

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by Rebecca Smith

Sitting through my late afternoon class Wednesday evening, squinting to see our professor’s PowerPoint slides, I couldn’t help but adore the chic glasses worn by the girl sitting in front of me. Not only could she actually see the slides with them, but they were far cuter than my small, 5-year-old BCBG frames.

My eyes then wandered to her loose green sweatshirt, and I instantly wished I were wearing something that comfortable, warm and cute. Then label on her jacket caught my eye – Burberry *swoon*! I just HAD to talk to her.

Jillian rocks the comfy college girl look by mixing it up with a unique graphic hoodie and, thankfully, a non-North Face, sand-colored coat.

What I love most about her look? It’s uncomplicated. Jillian proves that style and comfort can go hand-in-hand.

Here’s the breakdown:

Name: Jillian Kettler

Year: Senior

Major: Strategic Communication

Wearing: Green and Purple Hoodie – Purple Tree; Neutral Coat – Burberry; Black Leggings – CAbi (her mom’s brand!); Oatmeal Socks – Forever21; Black Boots – Uggs; Thick-Framed Glasses – RayBan

Personal Style: “My personal style includes a lot of neutrals and black. Anything else is too complicated for me, except denim, which I can always do.”

Spotted: Tuesday, November 14th at 5:15 PM in Vilas Hall

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