New York’s 10th Tribe releasing exclusive beanies

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Edgy New York fashion brand 10th Tribe will be releasing its exclusive beanies to the public on Monday, November 26. Until now, the beanies have only been worn by “close friends” of the brand’s founders, a 10th Tribe representative said.

The beanies will be on sale from 2:00 PM until 12 midnight. At midnight, the company will immediately stop taking orders, and no more of these beanies will be made.

“There’s been so much buzz about the beanies around New York City,” said a 10th Tribe representative. “Now, we can continue to spread the 10th Tribe name to not only New Yorkers, but to our followers all over the world.”

The beanies can be purchased on 10th Tribe’s Facebook page here.

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