Street Smart: Refined Essentials

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by Danielle Zabrauskas, Fashion News Correspondent


We often overlook the importance of men’s style, especially when on a college campus, where many forget that jeans and t-shirts are not all that comprise a man’s wardrobe. Therefore, when winter begins to approach I grow ever more impressed when I see a guy who puts effort into their appearance.

As I left a recent review session I ran into a classmate, Rolf. Rather than throwing on what was closest to his bed, he had clearly put time into his presence, creating an outfit that was generally clean cut and simple, but definitely stood out!

So gentlemen, want to know the secrets to this look? Considering basic pieces is key. With solid knit pullovers, you can add color and texture to any button down. By adding a wool coat as opposed to an average hoodie or puffer jacket, you will not only be much warmer, but also more refined. Ultimately, since each piece is so simple there are countless opportunities to showcase just how polished you are!

Here’s the breakdown:

Name: Rolf

Year: Junior

Major: Biochemistry

Wearing : Khaki Chinos – Banana Republic; White Shirt – Ralph Lauren; Maroon Sweater – Club Room; Dark Gray Coat – Calvin Klein

Inspiration/Icons: “It’s mostly to impress Mila Kunis, but I guess it would be Mark Wahlberg.”

Personal Style: “I feel more put together when I look sharp.”

Favorite Places to Shop: “Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren and my Dad’s closet.”

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