Fashion News Recap: Brand Expansions

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by Danielle Zabrauskas, Fashion News Correspondent

The London College of Fashion is making headlines for its current research in body scanning, with the technology newsworthy given how it relates to the future of online purchases. The system creates a full image of the consumer, including all relevant measurements. It is hoped that as the equipment improves it can be used to abate concerns of online shopping, as customers will no longer have to wonder if a clothing article will fit because they can hypothetically try it on online. The goal is to have one simply to take an image of themselves on a smartphone to create the 3D figure, ultimately helping to grow E-commerce immensely.

Gucci has just opened its newest flagship in Taiwan! The 84th floor of Taipei 101 houses the new 9,720 square foot store. The opening was co-chaired by newly appointed president of Gucci China, Carol Shen, and celebrated with a jewelry party surrounded by Gucci’s stunning gowns. Along with the opening came a special edition scarf and handbag, with 25% of profits going to World Vision Taiwan.

Coach has been working on elevating the presence of its apparel amidst its world of handbags. Luckily, their new ad campaign might just do the trick. Featuring the popular musical group Karmin, the company has created a video for release on November 28th. The best part of it all? The shoot was completely styled by Rachel Zoe. Needless to say, Coach’s release of behind-the-scenes images definitely amped up the excitement.

Opening Ceremony and Yoko Ono have joined forces to design an exclusive menswear line. Her late husband, John Lennon, inspired the 18 styles in the collection. In addition to the limited edition pieces, Ono’s sketches from 1969 will be sold in book form. The creativity of Yoko Ono can be easily seen in the designs including mesh sweaters, a “lightbulb bra,” and thigh high boots. As the pieces hit stores it will be interesting to see the public’s reception.

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