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by Yeonju Oh


Zac Efron is an American actor and singer, appearing frequently in GQ due to his attractive style. He rose to fame with his starring role in one of Disney’s most-watched film series, High School Musical. While it may be true that many celebrities develop their fashion fame thanks to the work of their stellar celebrity stylists and outrageous sponsors, Zac has always had his own sense of personal style. His style takes elements of street wear, casual, chic, basic and anything else you can think of with a hint of simplicity.

Zac embodies the true definition of casual chic look, which seems effortless yet stylish. Jeans are the base of style that will never go out of fashion, and Zac knows that sticking with pairs that fit him perfectly are more stylish than simply following a trend. Finding jeans that fit properly can be a difficult task, but once you find the right pair, they’re very flattering. Zac always utilizes jeans with different shirts and styles. He frequently wears simple shirts with washed denims, such as his favorite Nudie Jeans Thin Finn, a famous Swedish denim brand. This fit is a true slim, not too baggy, but not too tight. He enjoys wearing Thin Finn fit to show his belt and a key holder as accessories, along with the jeans themselves. Zac also frequently wears Diesel Thanaz, which are refered to as the “legend of men’s jeans.” They have detailed and eye catching pockets with a simple edge. Zac pairs these particular styles with white or simple colored shirts.


Mr. Efron also focuses on a shoe selection to matches his jeans. He usually wears Converse, Vans and WeSC low-tops to present a more casual and put-together look. To top everything off, he occasionally takes an edgy approach by wearing uniquely patterned button-down shirts. These add a splash of color to his simple ensembles thanks to a variety of plaid shirts and vintage retro gingham shirts, which he usually styles by rolling up the sleeves.


Overall, though his fashion may seem too simple to some, he has his own, effective style that has become a trend by itself. Zac has smart strategies for color coordinating, for finding properly fitting jeans, and for not “over doing” his looks. Although many are caught up in celebrity fashion trends these days, it is very easy for people to give themselves a makeover with Zac’s simple yet classy style as inspiration, making him a true style icon among those who want to be cost-effective yet stylish.

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