How-To: Holiday decorating, college style

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by Marlee Katz, Fashion Writer

As college students with small living quarters and closet-sized dorm rooms, decorating your place for the holidays can be quite the challenge. Rather than skipping out on the holiday cheer, take a look at these ideas below to create the perfect holiday space.

  • Making mini holiday trees is one of the easiest ways to bring the holiday spirit into your living space. Purchase Styrofoam cones at a craft store and embellish them with colored paper and glitter or even lollipops and candy canes. A mini tree can sit on a desk in a dorm room or become the centerpiece of your apartment.foamconetree
  • Another perfect option is to string lights around your window frame or bedpost. Draping lights around any room adds a soft holiday glow. Try mixing in colored red or blue lights to make your room have tinted radiant luminosity.SONY DSC
  • Simple and attractive, metallic embellishments add the perfect amount of holiday décor in your space. Gold ribbons, silver wreaths and gold-leafed candleholders add holiday warmth. Try something as simple as buying small mirrors or wreaths from the craft store and attaching them to the wall with glossy gold or silver ribbons.metallicornamentation
  • Another perfect holiday decorating option is to fill glass candy jars. Clean out some empty pasta sauce jars and fill them with red and green M&M’s or signature blue and white Almond Joys. This perfect decoration can also be your midnight snack!candyjar
  • Especially for those of you in a dorm room, try decorating a bulletin board. Add some lights around the edges and attach some cute magazine cutouts or tiny stockings. Even post your holiday wish list for Santa. Make this board the centerpiece of your dorm room this holiday season.holidayboard
  • Whether you are in a dorm or not, cover your front door in holiday wrapping paper and a big bow. Get paper with candy canes, pine trees or blue stars and top it off with the largest red bow you can find. You will be sure to bring the holiday spirit to everyone on your floor.holidaydoor
  • For the final touch, purchase some scented peppermint candles or a Glade plug in to make your apartment smell delightful. You’ll be sure to make your college apartment or dorm room feel more like home this season.

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