Bar Review: Whiskey Jack’s Saloon

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A View from the stage at Whiskey Jack's
A View from the stage at Whiskey Jack’s

By Janalle Goosby

Whiskey Jack’s Saloon, located on 522 State St., boasts via their website to be “the premier entertainment destination downtown.” While “premier” may be a gross overstatement, the atmosphere and ambiance of Whiskey Jack’s guarantees a fun and exciting night.

On a Friday evening around midnight, my friends and I were trying to find something to do. We wanted to dance and have fun, without the college “drink until you blackout” mentality. I remember walking by Whiskey Jack’s the previous night and was immediately drawn to the lively music and diverse atmosphere.

This is not a typical bar, like Chasers or Madhatters, in that dancing is highly encouraged. Standing around and drinking gets pretty boring after a while, and the various distinct areas to the bar make Whiskey Jack’s a good place to mix things up. If you want to drink and hang out, the bar is located to the right. If you want to socialize or shoot some pool, there are tables and other bar games to the left. If you head further back, there is a huge dancing area, with a stage where bands or DJs frequently play. If you are not sure what type of drinking mood you are in, this a good place to figure it out.

One downside to the bar, however, is its very high energy essence. This may sound appealing, but if you want to just relax, this is not the place to do so. There aren’t very many seats, and with a very dense crowd, it can be difficult to take a personal breather. But one benefit is its location. Whiskey Jack’s is right in the middle of State Street, so other bars are within walking distance if you need a break. Also, late night munchies are less than five minutes away, with Qdoba and Jimmy Johns within eyesight.

The drinks are reasonably priced and with countless specials, this place is affordable for the average college student. Additionally, Whiskey Jack’s is known to frequently host themed nights, with a Mardi Gras party and Valentine’s ladies night happening this week. So, if you’re looking for a fun place with great dancing and lots of options, Whiskey Jack’s is a safe bet. However, be sure to wear comfortable shoes, because one could get burned out pretty quickly.



  • $3 Any Tap Beer or Well
  • $3 Dr. MsGuillicuddy’s Shots


  • $2 Tall Boy PBR, Hi-Life, Schlitz, Rolling Rock and Sconnie.
  • $3 Soco-Lime and Soco-Cherry Pop Shots
  • $4 Crown Royal, Devils Cut and Jameson Drinks


  • $3 Well Drinks, Jager and Dr. MsGuillicuddy’s Shots
  • $5 Miller Lite and Coors Light Pitchers
  • $7 Lit Pitchers
  • Man vs. Bull (mechanical bull-riding competition)


  • $2 Domestic Bottles
  • $3 Three Olives Martinis and Mixers
  • $3 Dr. MsGuillicuddy’s Shots
  • $3 Jumbo Lits
  • Ladies Night

Fridays and Saturdays

  • $2 U-CALL-ITS (10pm-Midnight)

Sundays (Customer Appreciation Night)

  • $2 Drinks
  • $4 Bomb Shots

Drinks 8/10
Specials 7/10
Location 9/10
Atmosphere 9/10
Overall 8.25/10

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