DIY: Scrub Away the Winter Blues

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by Cassy Krueger

It’s February, syllabus week is a faint memory, and we’ve been (quite literally) trudging through this spring semester. Since our last DIY was a bit technical and required some creative improvisation, I thought I’d supply you with something more straightforward this week. It’s nothing fancy, but don’t be dismayed. This week’s DIY is sure to keep away the winter blues, at least from your skin’s perspective.

If I had to offer you one piece of skincare advice from a self-proclaimed DIY Diva, it’s to quit spending your limited college funds on skin products—especially exfoliates—from drugstores like Walgreen’s  I know it’s convenient when you’re in a pinch, but trust me. Don’t do it. I promise you I have a better alternative.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Sugar. Use brown sugar for a facial scrub and raw sugar for body scrub. Personally, I use about half of each kind in my scrubs because I like to believe that doing so makes it more versatile. (This is not grounded in factual evidence whatsoever.) Don’t mind the container—this sugar came from my parents’ house. I grace them with my presence and they grace me with whatever items I can steal from their home. In other words, this sugar is fair trade.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil. This stuff is magic. It’s a little expensive, but comes in a giant container that will last you years.

Optional: I also like to add a little almond oil to my mix, but it’s more expensive still and doesn’t last quite as long.

Vanilla Oil
Vanilla oil/fragrance: Because you want to smell like a vanilla goddess, obviously.

There’s really only two steps to this process:

1.) Mix the ingredients. I’m not one for measuring cups or meticulousness in general, so I just start by putting some coconut oil in a sealable container. If it’s at room temperature, microwave it into a liquid. If you’re adding almond oil, I would add only about 1 part almond oil to 2-3 parts coconut oil. Then add sugar until the mixture becomes thick and the oil is mostly absorbed into the sugar. Add a few drops of vanilla oil or fragrance, until it smells like you want to eat it. It should look something like this:
DIY Scrub

2.) Scrub it on your body. Wet your skin first and then scrub away! It can get messy, so I usually use my scrub in the shower. Be careful, as the oil can make your shower surface slippery.

As your DIY Diva, let me assure you that I swear by this scrub. It’s cheaper, it’s natural and it’s effective. It’s completely safe to eat (I wouldn’t recommend eating it, but it tastes great as a lip scrub too!) so you know it’s safe for your skin. Oh, and it smells like sugar cookie and cake and frosting and heaven all mixed together. Worth it!

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