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by Meghan Stark

StreetStyle 2-11(1)

Ty’s style embodies the synchronization between classically cool menswear and the modern tailored nerd. I caught him rocking his trademark – a feathered fedora – with a unique, handmade graphic Star Wars tee from London. Ty finds most of his clothing while scouring through the racks at H&M, yet also heads to Kohl’s for the basics. He enjoys pairing boot cut dark wash Levi’s with his accidentally paint-splattered TOMS and the t-shirt/cardigan combo. His other shoe brand of choice is the modern staple, Chuck Taylor. Ty owns the All-Star high tops in several styles and colors, including a custom designed pair with “Han Solo” inscribed on the back. And though it may be considered a fashion faux pas, he does enjoy mixing navy and black for a subtle statement. In the end, Ty’s style is hipster chic meets best-dressed geek!

StreetStyle 2-11(2)

Here’s the breakdown:

Name: Ty Madey

Year: Sophomore

Major: Marketing and Advertising

Wearing: Custom Star Wars Graphic Tee – Street Vendor, London; Dark Wash Jeans – Levi’s; Green Cardigan – H&M; Neutral Shoes – TOMS; Feathered Fedora – Family Heirloom; Black Glasses – Cole Haan

Inspiration/Icons: “I strangely am influenced partly by music and interests like movie references and partly by just wanting to look nice. I usually buy clothes that are simply visually appealing. My girlfriend is a wonderful style influence and aid too; she really accelerated my style.”

Spotted: February 9th in Ogg Hall

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