Top Trends of Spring 2013

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by Paige Schultz, Fashion Writer, all images via

Diane von Furstenberg
Diane von Furstenberg

Saturated Color

Like chocolate truffles and life’s many other guilty pleasures, the oh-so-indulgent colors that saturated the runways for Spring 2013 left everyone at a loss for words. In a sense, the rich hues infused by designers in their collections were like the proverbial “elephant in the room,” as they were utterly impossible to ignore. Arguably, saturated color is one of the most influential trends this spring – which should come as no surprise.

It seems that every year designers yearn for bright, bold, even eccentric colors, though hardly with such rich palettes for spring. Thus, fashion lovers everywhere have been given an amazing opportunity to splurge and indulge in statement-worthy, jaw-dropping color, a unique contrast to spring’s traditional pastels. Whether they are represented in an accessory or a full ensemble, embrace these vivacious hues this season.



Like a coat of red lipstick or an understated little black dress, stripes are one of the most simplistic and timeless classics of all. Crisp and clean, they’re one of those “oldie-but-a-goodie,” trends that transcend seasons time and again without ever lacking taste or intrigue.

Thus it should come as no surprise that multiple designers embraced this standard pattern for Spring 2013. However, despite their solid reputation, stripes in recent years have hardly had the chance to shine in the spotlight, serving supporting roles in countless collections.

But this season, designers are making them the star as they represent stripes in a bold yet classically preppy manner, deviating away from the previous nautical representations that have dominated past years. Though they may have not been the most audacious statement on the runway, the striped ensembles seen throughout fashion month had a certain sense of nostalgia about them. After all, stripes are a trend that everyone loves to love, and not even the most captivating graphic print could take away from their ever-so-classic charm.

Paul & Joe
Paul & Joe

Floral Fantasia

Typically when one envisions floral prints in fashion, they picture dainty and ever-so-feminine designs. It’s impossible to not immediately remember the budding, appliqué floral pieces, or the intricate prints on ethereal, light-as-air fabrics of Spring 2012.

Yet these visions and depictions were less abundant on the Spring 2013 runways. Designers like Moschino and Paul & Joe featured floral creations that were exceptionally graphic and essentially cartoony. Though they were different, they were also vibrant, playful and undeniably charming. Like the vivacious, saturated colors featured by many, this trend is quirky and fresh.

While this representation of florals has a bit of a childish and gaudy feel, it possesses a certain je ne sais quoi that has made many in the industry swoon. Its endearing charm has convinced many that grown-up elegance can be traded for youthful whimsy, if only for a season. After all, fashion is all about having fun and embracing one’s individuality, and like so many of the other trends this season, a fantasia in floral is most certainly not lacking in elements of personality.

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