Fashion News Recap: Controversies, Auctions

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by Danielle Zabrauskas, Fashion News Correspondent


Under Armour Inc. has filed a lawsuit against competitor Nike, citing their complaint as trademark infringement. Under Armour explained that it has used the slogan “I will” since 1998, and that in the latter half of 2012 Nike began to use the phrase in whole sentences such as “I will finish what I started.” Under Armour stated that the basis of the issue is the possibility of brand confusion.


Karl Lagerfeld has taken live streams to a new level: the designer recently announced that he would broadcast the opening of his store on boulevard Saint-Germain. The video will run on, as well as his brand’s Facebook. With three cameras rolling the party should be well covered!


Originally auctioned for charity, Princess Diana’s most well known gowns are now up for sale. One of the dresses includes the famous Victor Edelstein velvet dress the princess wore to the White House. The sale will take place through Kerry Taylor Auctions, with each estimated to sell anywhere from $30,900 to $309,000.


Controversy met the opening of Donald Trump’s line at Macy’s, thanks to Angelo Carusone’s petition to remove Trump’s products from the department store. Donald Trump stated that he sent the man a letter demanding an end to his complaints, saying “We have a great relationship with Macy’s. He knows it.” Regardless, the Trump legacy will continue at Macy’s as Ivanka Trump launches her own fragrance.


The Manhattan base for Dress for Success just got a facelift. The organization is known for providing underprivileged women outfits for upcoming interviews. Bobbi Brown, a member of the organization’s board, and Richard Baker, of Hudson’s Bay Company, lead the renovation. The overhaul included new fitting rooms, jewelry cases and makeup counters. Brown stated, “Part of the services of getting these women back in the workplace is making them feel like winners.”

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