Bringing the Screen to Life: Pretty Little Liars

by Jen Anderson, Fashion Writer


Pretty Little Liars has captured American interest by storm. The television show is a tumultuous mix of suspenseful, thrilling, unique, fun – and, of course, incredibly fashionable. Each main character flourishes with style: Spencer, the classic prepster; Emily, the effortless beauty; Hanna, the trendsetting diva; and Aria, the edgy yet classy rocker chick.

Though the show’s storyline has turned rather dark over the past few episodes, most of the style has not suffered (with the exception of Spencer who has clearly hit rock bottom in both fashion and life). Recently, Aria Montgomery’s style has grown more and more sophisticated, which could be due in part to her anxiety over the possibility of her boyfriend’s new-found son calling her “Mommy” anytime soon.


Aria’s outfit from the end of “Out of Sight, Out of Mind” showed a more grown-up take on incorporating skulls with spikes.  This outfit is ideal for fancier events when you don’t want to jeopardize comfort or current trends.  Take a look at some suggestions on how to give this look a chance with a few look a-like pieces!


Aria’s teal tie-front top mixes comfort with style. The white skull print brings about a great way to play with edgier trends without looking like a female Beetlejuice. Bloomingdales sells this chiffon Vintage Havana top for $69 – the exact style from the show!

Studs are also expertly mixed into this outfit in the pants, earrings and textured headband. These smaller, edgy details make for a more refined “of the moment” outfit. Slightly studded black pants like Aria’s can be found at Forever 21 for only $23. These pants are a great addition to most looks.

Aria’s shoes, though only in one scene of the episode, are timeless. Black wedges finish off almost any outfit with ease. This suede option is from Charlotte Russe for $36.

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