DIY: Get Your Shoes in Shape for Spring

By Cassy Krueger 

Long gone are the days when I appreciated snow-lined streets and waking up to puffy white flakes outside my window. I’m ready for sundresses and bright colors. I’m beyond ready to stash away my winter boots until next year, hoping that I won’t hold so much disdain for them then. I’m sorry, winter, but I’m over you.

Unfortunately, March has only just begun. It’s not yet safe to put my boots out of sight and pull out the new heels and flats I’ve been hoarding all winter. You can, however, medicate your premature spring fever by preparing for the season. That way, you’ll be fully prepared when spring graces us with her presence. If you’re ready for spring and you know it, pull out those cute new shoes and break them in before the nice weather hits. You’ll be ready to hit the streets as soon as the snow melts and you won’t have blisters to show for it.

spring shoes

It’s simple: all you’ll need is a pair of thick socks, a blow dryer, and a great pair of shoes.  Slip on the socks and put on the shoes, then blow-dry your feet around the edges for a few minutes.  Let your socks cool while your feet are in the shoes.  You can remove the shoes once your socks are cool, but you may want to repeat the process a few times.  The heat helps loosen up the shoes so they don’t feel as new as they look.  So simple, and one step closer to spring!

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