Fashion 101: Statement Lip Color

by Paige Schultz, Fashion Writer

There’s no denying that woman with passion is a woman who attracts attention. Not only does she ooze confidence, but she has a self-assurance that makes her unafraid to be bold. She possesses that certain je ne sais quoi and damn – every girl wants it.

Yves Saint Laurent once proposed that “the most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion, but cosmetics are easier to buy.” Indeed, beauty products are simpler to obtain, but passion is not entirely lost. In fact, it can be communicated in a variety of ways especially through certain cosmetics.

Bold lip color, in particular, has long been known as a way for women to express themselves. Dating as far back as Mesopotamia (over 5,000 years ago), lipstick has been seen as a symbol of power, sophistication, courage, optimism and yes ladies, even passion.

Bright Lipstick Missoni Spring RTW 2013

However, there’s a reason why the passionate woman is rare, just as there is a reason why bold lip color is uncommon as well. Simply put, both notions are absolutely daunting as they require women to put themselves out there. In terms of lipstick, I completely get it. With so many beauty rules to know, trends to follow and colors to choose from it’s no wonder that women simply dab Burt’s Bees on their lips every day. After all, how wrong can you be with soft, neutral-colored lips?

Not very wrong I suppose, but you can most definitely be boring. Fortunately, it’s possible to branch away from basic balms without overwhelming yourself with beauty rules and confidence blunders.

Consider this Fashion 101 as your basic guide to attention-grabbing lip color. All of us women may not be completely perfect with our confidence, but that doesn’t mean that we should hide our passion. Follow these tips to help you express yourself in a way that’s fresh, on-trend for spring, and just plain fabulous.

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  • Tip #1: Choose a Color that Complements Your Complexion

If you’re a fair-skinned girl, the idea is to bring some warmth to your porcelain complexion. Thus, you’ll want to choose pink and red lipsticks with warm, orange-based undertones. For those with medium-toned skin, warmth already in your complexion allows you to be able to wear bluer-based colors (think rich berries and fuchsias). If you have darker skin, look for deep, plum-like colors that will bring out the rich tones in your face.

  • Tip #2: Let Your Lips Do the Talking

Simply put, when wearing bright lipstick, your lips should be the main focus of your look. Wearing bold lip color with tons of blush and loads of eye makeup will do much more harm than good. As a basic guideline, always try to be as fresh-faced as possible and sport barely-there makeup. At the most, a subtle, basic smoky eye is acceptable, but beyond that is just a little too overbearing.

  • Tip #3: Blot, Blot, Blot

To give your lips a soft finish, take a tissue and BLOT. It’s an age-old trick that works absolute wonders. Not only will it make your lipstick look a little more natural, but it will help take away any extra residue that could potentially end up where it’s not supposed to. Like on your teeth, for example.

Bright Lipstick Giles Spring RTW 2013

  • Tip #4: Make Sure to Coordinate

Ideally when wearing a bright lip color, you should try to coordinate it with your ensemble. Matching, of course, is not necessary, but your lipstick should complement the outfit that you’re wearing. If there’s too much of a contrast, your lipstick could be more unflattering than you had hoped.

  • Tip #5: Make it Your Signature

With a plethora of hues to choose from it can be rather tempting to try them all, but there’s something quite remarkable about making one lip color your signature. Bright lipstick is arguably one of the best beauty statements you can make, but if you can find a hue that suits your complexion and personality, you can truly make the look your own. So by all means, please play around with a variety of colors, but once you find that perfect shade, stick to it and make it your own.

Bright Lipstick Burberry Prorsum Spring RTW 2013

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