Rihanna for River Island

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by Jesse Tovar

Last month Rihanna debuted her collection for River Island at London Fashion Week. And as for the reviews…let’s just say the battle lines have been drawn. UK Critics were less than impressed as The Daily Beast called the line a “horror show” and “without an ounce of panache or style,” while Elle UK described it as “an ode to all things high fashion.”

So what is in her line exactly? All things you would expect from Rihanna: crop tops, thigh high slits and jailhouse rock print galore.

Riri 1

Got a jailbreak party coming up? You're in luck!
Got a jailbreak party coming up? You’re in luck!

Rihanna’s line didn’t blow anyone away, but it does appeal to her diehard fans willing to pay anything to imitate their idol. What’s scarier, though, is the fact that people are going to be walking around the street wearing these:


From a design perspective, what is her line actually trying to convey? That we should be dressing up like we just escaped from Alcatraz? Or that stapling a pair of jeans from Farm & Fleet to another pair makes the wearer eccentric? Rihanna’s line is trying just too hard to be different. The only area where the line shines is when it takes a step back and reinvents the little black dress, with huge cutouts for some side-boob action and a large slash on the back for added flair.

side boob

back lbd

In the end, Rihanna’s clothing line was a bold career move, and although she likely won’t be given a seat next to some of fashion’s elites, her clothes will surely fly off the shelves commercially. All we can hope and pray for is that those double jeans are burned. Every. Single. Pair.

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