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by Marlee Katz, Fashion Writer


With a mild obsession for fashion bloggers and photography, I have managed to “favorite” a billion blogs, and consequently spend all of my time reading them rather than studying. Fashion is more important than school anyways, right?

So after a week full of blogger stalking in preparation for UW Fashion Week, I have discovered some favorite photographers, some fabulous collaborations and a bevy of nail art that I may unsuccessfully try.


If you’ve read my Bloggers We Love on Oracle Fox, you know how completely and utterly fanatical I am about Mandy Shadforth. She collects expertly photographed images and knows how to draw devout followers. Her recent post featuring Jessica Stam (a super fabulous photog) by Solve Sundsbo for Commes des Fuckdown is to die for. Stam’s magical floaty images capture the movement and beauty of the garments that almost seem to defy gravity.


For those of you with an edge, follow Rachel Lynch’s I Hate Blonde. The ultra-mini platinum white-blonde rocks sky-high heels and typically refrains from wearing pants. Lynch has collaborated with brands like AKIRA and H&M, and even has her own online store, Shop Blonde, that sells garments from some of the incredible shoots she has done. In her recent collaboration with H&M she rocks some amazing white booties with cuffed washed-out denim.


With the best nail art collection in all the land, follow Free People’s blog. You can learn how to create spring flowers, smoke swirled nails or glam-rock nails, all in a few easy steps. If you are skeptical about wearing crochet fringed shorts or a swimsuit in the winter, Free People’s blog has the answers. For those of you heading to music festivals, please refer to Free People for all of your hair and outfit necessities: they have a plethora of posts on festival hair braiding (an absolute essential), and what type of swimsuit you can wear while listening to The XX, Animal Collective and Macklemore at Bonnaroo this year.


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