Sigma Lambda Gamma Presents: Move If You Want It Dance Competition 2013

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By Barbara Gonzalez

Sisters of Sigma Lambda Gamma and Competitor, the Puzzle League
Sisters of Sigma Lambda Gamma and Competitor, the Puzzle League

Despite all the St. Patrick’s Day festivities happening this weekend, many people showed up to the Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc.’s third annual Move If You Want It Dance Competition this past Saturday. Taking place in Memorial Union’s Tripp Commons, the event was packed with students from various communities on campus who came out to support the competing teams, as well as the Gammas in one of their staple events.

The multicultural sorority created Move If You Want It in order to showcase the variety of dance styles in the UW-Madison community, as well as the surrounding Midwest communities.

“We hope[d] to bring light to the diversity of other cultures and cultural practices through dance to the dance floor,” said co-host and sister of SLG, Nedra Ikhumen.

Judges Niko Tumamak and LaTonya Swann
Judges Niko Tumamak and LaTonya Swann

Two judges present that night, UW-Madison Senior Niko Tumamak and LaTonya Swann, both talented artists themselves. Niko Tumamak is the first ever First Wave Scholar to win a full scholarship for breakdancing. LaTonya Swann is the 2011 winner of BET’s Born to Dance competition and has performed with a variety of singers, such as Shakira, Chris Brown, Rihanna, Cassie and many others.

The intense competition featured teams from campus such as Rhythm Per Second, School of Bhangra and the Cybernetics Crew. Also competing was The Puzzle League, who road-tripped all the way from Chicago to compete. Each team was judged in four categories, which included technique, choreography, execution and overall showmanship.

The teams brought their best moves in the first round, in which they had five minutes to perform a choreographed piece with music of their choice. All teams danced their hearts out, each one with unique style, skill and most importantly, passion.

Following the first round of dancing, an intermission featuring “Pretty Faces to Pied Faces” took place. To raise money for the cash prize, some sisters of Sigma Lambda Gamma volunteered to get pied in the face if their goal was met on the event’s ‘Go Fund Me’ page. After a month of social media advertising, the Sigma Lambda Gamma sisters raised over $500, and eight sisters were pied in front of the entire audience by host, Maya Roberson, a UW-Madison student and campus personality.

After the intermission, a second round consisted of an impromptu dance, where each team had three minutes and thirty seconds to dance to a song they had picked out of a hat during the intermission. While most of the songs were hip-hop, all of the teams successfully adjusted their styles to the music and showcased their versatility. As final scores were being tallied up, the audience was invited on stage to dance “The Wobble.”

At the end of the night, the audience anxiously awaited for the sisters of SLG to announce the winners of Move if You Want It 2013. In the end, The Puzzle League took home the $1000 cash prize all the way back to Chicago. Adrenaline pumped through their veins as they all ran excitedly up to the stage and thanked everyone profusely.

Winning Team -- The Puzzle League
Winning Team– The Puzzle League

Overall, the night was filled with a diverse set of performances and a fun time had by all who competed and attended. Congratulations again to The Puzzle League team and every other team who competed on a fantastic performance!

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