DIY: Bottle Cap Crafts

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By Cassy Krueger

Happy spring break!  Since the weather’s not quite keeping up with my spring fever, I’ve been expressing myself through crafting.  A lot of crafting.

This is one of my personal favorite projects because it’s really easy and the possibilities are endless.  Here’s what you’ll need:


Modge podge. If you don’t have any, you can mix 50% Elmer’s glue and 50% water in a container and shake furiously.  DIY modge podge!  Now the craft possibilities are endless.

Bottle caps.  I don’t even want to admit how many of these we’ve saved up in our apartment.

Paper clippings.  These can be anything—magazine photos, Badger game tickets, clips from your favorite book…

Magnet backing, clasps, etc. to give your new bottle caps a purpose.

The process is super simple:

Step 1:

Cut out circles from your paper so that the circles fit inside of your bottle caps.

Step 2:

Place your cutouts inside of the bottle cap and fill the cap with modge podge.  It should look like this:


Step 3:

Once you’ve filled all of your bottle caps, let them dry overnight.


Looks great!  We used these to make magnets for our fridge, but you could pretty easily make them into jewelry or anything else you can think of.  One of my friends glued them to the top of a coffee table and covered it with a sheet of glass and it looked amazing.  Get creative!

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