Bringing the Screen to Life: Girls

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by Caroline Kreul


Season Two of the HBO’s hit series Girls came to a close last week with a cacophony of relationship endings and beginnings. Though while main characters Marnie, Hannah, Jessa and Shoshanna underwent emotional whirlwinds, I was busy admiring their perfectly styled wardrobes.


In this portion of the episode, Marnie rekindles her relationship with her recently affluent ex, Charlie. After eating brunch together, Marnie tells Charlie how good it is they were able to have their own experiences before figuring out they’re meant to be. When Charlie doesn’t immediately return her sentiment, Marnie storms out the door as Charlie runs after her. Marnie then declares her love again, saying, “I want you. I know I’m a mess, but I want you. I want to see you every morning, and I want to make you a snack every night, and eventually, I want to have your little brown babies, and I want to watch you die.” How romantic, right? Surprisingly, Charlie takes her into his arms and tells her he’s always loved her.

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While this scene just screams cliché romantic comedy, I couldn’t help but notice Marnie’s blue ensemble. Her bright-blue sweater made her equally striking blue eyes pop. Paired with a simple chain-embellished tote, dark wash flare jeans and brown sandals, her outfit is absolutely perfect for scooting around town on a spring day!

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Luckily, it’s also a look that is both easy and inexpensive to mimic. For a similar bright blue top, try this one from TopShop for only $30. This tote from Urban Outfitters has a similar chain detail and costs only $40. Slip on a pair of dark wash, flared jeans like these from American Eagle for $40 and a pair of wedges like these ones from for only $36, and you have an outfit that is both comfortable and cute.

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