Bringing the Screen to Life: Modern Family

by Jen Anderson, Fashion Writer


The impossibly funny Modern Family continues to be a fan favorite, beloved for its comical yet realistic portrayals of contemporary family life. Though not typically seen largely as a television fashion hub, The Dunphys’ oldest daughter, Haley, seems to now only care about her appearance since dropping out of college (and recently declaring she will resign from her job). Haley’s fashion sense is trendy, sometimes edgy and very easy to replicate. This season, Haley’s style further matures as she finds herself in more and more “grown-up” situations.

In the recent episode “The Future Dunphy’s,” Haley’s outfit represented a great transition between winter and spring.


As the final days of winter weather come to an end and we begin to grab our spring dresses, I still see one predicament: shaving legs. It’s such a hassle to start the summer routine of constantly shaving legs, especially when there are exams to worry about. This outfit incorporates a flowing spring dress with layered accessories for those last days of winter chill. And best of all, it doesn’t require you to shave your legs.


Haley’s watercolor dress ($43 at ModCloth) is perfect for that winter to spring transition. The colors of the dress are bright yet not overwhelming thanks to the way the print blurs seamlessly. This wine colored open cardigan from American Eagle ($35) adds a lightweight touch in the event the weather suddenly turns breezy. These booties from Urban Outfitters, though the priciest component of the outfit ($98), are of great use for spring. They can be paired with jeans, dresses, skirts or even fun high-waisted jean shorts. Haley brings everything together with a pendant necklace and sheer tights, like this pair from Target (available for only $5).

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