Street Smart: Pre-Nursing Fashionista

by Meghann Stelzner


When I think of nursing students, all that comes to mind are the unflattering, stiff turquoise scrubs. However, pre-nursing freshman Libby Zoller is as on-beat with fashion as always when she struts to class. Libby never fails to put together a simple yet classy outfit, and is never lacking in the accessory department. Whether she wears her go-to delicate gold jewelry, or incorporates a bold item like her black and gold Michael Kors watch, she is an expert at tying outfits together with the perfect combination of accessories.


Interestingly, Libby noted her recent addition of an edge to her personal style, something she did not think about before. For class, she typically wears neutral colors, often finding herself pairing outfits with black leggings or her favorite pair of black jeggings. However, with spring in full swing, Libby said she would begin trying to tie bright colors into her outfit choices. Her beautiful brown locks are usually down, though she wears her hair in a low bun when accompanied by a scarf. Ultimately, Libby is definitely a leading lady among other fashionistas walking around the Madison campus.


Here’s the breakdown:

Name: Libby Zoller

Year: Freshman

Major: Pre-Nursing

Hometown: Lake Forest, IL

Wearing: Turquoise/Gold Studs – from Mexico; Black and Gold Watch – Michael Kors; Turquoise/Gold Bracelets – from Italy; Aztec Beaded Bracelet – Francesca’s; Black Sweater Scarf – Urban Outfitters; Acid-Washed Denim Shirt – Forever 21; Burgundy Bag – Longchamp; Black Leggings – Artizia; Riding Boots – Nordstrom

Personal Style: I would say that my style is somewhat casual and simple, but also has an edge to it. I enjoy wearing darker colors and then throwing in some colored accessories! I think my style is versatile because I have a lot of pieces that I can dress up with a fun necklace or dress down by throwing on a vest and heading off to class.

Inspiration/Icons: I would have to say Serena van der Woodsen, played by Blake Lively, on Gossip Girl. She always looks gorgeous, but never appears to be trying too hard!

Favorite Spring Trend: I’m loving light wash jeans paired with a cute white crop top! I think the light wash is really refreshing after a cold winter, and a crisp white top makes the outfit even brighter and clean looking. I also love peplum shirts! They’re a really easy way to make your outfit simple but dressy!

Favorite Fashion Magazine: Definitely Vogue. I love looking at all the high fashion clothes and just dreaming about how amazing it would be to actually get to try some of that stuff on!

Favorite Shopping Venues: My favorite way to shop these days is online, and I usually hit up Tobi or Nasty Gal. They have a lot of fun tops, dresses and jewelry, and even some really good sales.

Favorite Piece in Closet: I have a lot of favorites, but I literally wouldn’t be able to live without my black Citizens of Humanity jeggings. They are so comfortable and go with every top I own.

Recent Wardrobe Addition: I just bought a pair of the coolest summer Free People boots. They’re shorter and a lighter grey, made of a paisley mesh that is going to look super cute with a sundress this coming season!

Best Fashion Advice: I would say being comfortable is always important. I have learned that you can still look cute and stylish with some simple jeggings and a fun top. You don’t need to wear skintight jeans or a tight tank top to look good!

Anything Else Fashion-Related? Experiment! It’s easy to stick to what you’re used to, but trying something new is always fun. And you never know, your willingness to take a chance might evolve into the newest trend!

Spotted: 6th Floor, Ogg Hall

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