Street Smart: Spring Showers

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by Marissa Monett


“April showers bring May flowers.” Right. So how many days left till May?

It’s hard to keep an optimistic outlook with this dark and dreary weather, especially when the mobs of students walking to class blend into the drab color palette of Madison’s rainy atmosphere – conventional, black rain coats, with heads down and umbrellas blocking everyone’s faces doesn’t really help to brighten the mood. So, when I saw Sage’s yellow jacket peek out from under her patterned raincoat as I headed out of my design class, it was a bit like sweet sunshine.


But that was just the start to my admiration for her unique mix of patterns with a splash of color. As Sage told me where she found each part of her ensemble, I realized her sense of style was just so cool. Composing her closet from lost and found items to thrift store finds to boutique purchases (and even her own designs!), each of Sage’s pieces come with their own story. Never have I met someone who so well epitomizes Edna Woolman Chase’s motto, “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.”


Here’s the breakdown:

Name: Sage Conrad

Year: Freshman

Major: Textile and Apparel Design

Hometown: Ephraim, Wisconsin

Wearing: Mustard Yellow Jacket – made it herself; Scarf – lost and found bin; Polka Dot Skirt – thrift store; Knee-High Socks – Urban Outfitters; Patterned Raincoat – Fred & Co. (boutique in Door County, WI); Black Boots – Ecology Sports (another boutique in Door County)

Personal Style: “I usually wear things that are vintage or I just find [in lost and founds or around]. It’s casual. I also usually try to wear some sort of color.”

Inspiration/Icons: “I usually look through Nylon for inspiration.”

Favorite Pieces in Closet: “These boots – I wear them all the time! Every day this week, actually. I also really like awesome jackets. I don’t get to wear all of mine enough so I was excited that I got to wear both of these today!”

Favorite Places to Shop: Ragstock, Urban Outfitters, lost and founds, Dig & Save, thrift stores

Style Advice for Rainy Spring Weather: “I have to wear a rain coat because I ride my bike so I can’t use an umbrella. So I’d say get a cute rain coat, then!”

Spotted: Wednesday, April 10 at 9:40 AM

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