Intern Style Guide: Milwaukee

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by Jesse Tovar

The Milwaukee intern is one that combines chic style ideas along with a more casual, relaxed look. When thinking of what to wear in Milwaukee, bear in mind confidence that’s still comfortable. This summer, less is more: choosing simple cuts and prints over really graphic, heavy fabrics can make an even better first impression.


For the guys, bright splashes of color draw many eyes in the Third Ward. Move beyond the t-shirt and shorts template and add another piece to your wardrobe such as a blazer or tank top. We don’t have as many options as the ladies, so make the best of it!


For the ladies, leave the skin-bearing looks for after hours. High-necked blouses and t-shirts accentuate your curves while remaining professional. Also, don’t forget to show the skirts some lovin’ this summer! Shorts are always a popular choice, but step out from the crowd in a hip-hugging pencil skirt and the guys in accounting won’t know what hit them.

Milwaukee fashion tends to wane or repeat itself as the summer progresses, so remain the leader of the pack with these style ideas!

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