Bringing the Screen to Life: Awkward

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by Jen Anderson, Fashion Writer


Just as most our favorite shows are finishing up their spring runs, MTV’s Awkward is set to debut its long awaited third season.

Awkward is a show that’s hard not to love. There’s certainly a little Jenna inside everyone, as we can all relate to the awkward situations in which the characters often find themselves.


The third season of Awkward seems to be slightly blissful, with the death of a minor character and a near pregnancy scare (that barely lasted two minutes) being the biggest drama yet. Hopefully the real drama will unfold over the next few episodes, and Jenna will find herself in her crazy, blog-worthy world.

In this week’s episode, the student body attempted to push past Ricky Schwartz’s death, with each individual showing signs of grief in all sorts of bizarre ways. Tamara, though stressing over the question of whether her “oodoo-voodoo” took Ricky’s life, looked rather stylish the entire episode in a very eye-catching ensemble.


Since debuting her new short (and may I say quite chic) hairstyle this season, Tamara’s confidence in her personal style seems at an all time high.


This outfit, being so bright and fun, is a perfect option for summer. The dress (TOBI, $62) is great for representing the return of crazy patterns, showing no cleavage and working as a go-to piece for fancy events or that crazy annual family reunion. I am also craving some bright green accessories, thanks to Tamara’s neon headband (Nordstrom, $17). To complete the ensemble, this gold statement necklace (Forever21, $8) helps reel in the dress from being too over-the-top and colorful.

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