Say no to fake-bake: Natural skin is in!

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by Meghann Stelzner

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Summer is just around the corner and soon the streets will fill with sun-kissed bodies and glowing, tan legs. It is as if everyone’s skin has been airbrushed with the perfect tint of brown overnight. You, on the other hand, find yourself paying for your1 iced chai, and when reaching to grab your credit card, the reflection off your arm blinds you thanks to the skin’s pale color. Are you the girl who only burns and never tans, no matter how hard you try? If so, do not fear and certainly do not feel alone or ashamed. Not only are you doing your skin a huge favor by skipping long tanning sessions, but you also look good doing it. Playing off your skin complexion, here is some beauty advice that won’t have you draped in wrinkles a couple years down the road.

Q: What colors complement my skin tone?

A: Lighter colors generally work better on fair skin, though fair-skinned women can also benefit from daring bursts of color. With summer approaching it’s time to brighten your look.

Q: How do I make my skin appear to have a summer-glow?

A: With these simple steps!

1. Priming

For those who are trying to create a faux summer glow, before anything it is important to remember to protect yourself from real UV rays by wearing high-SPF sunscreen. Summer makeup also has the tendency to melt and create a colorful mess. To keep your makeup natural, fresh and lasting, apply a primer.

Another easy tip to create a lightweight look is to mix your foundation with face lotion or simply use a tinted lotion. This mixture is breathable and allows you to appear natural and fresh.

Regarding colors and undertones, it’s always best to match your foundations or tinted moisturizers to your natural complexion. From that base, you can then brighten your coloring. If you struggle with reddish tones, applying a yellow-based product will cancel out the redness and even your skin tone.

2. Bronzer

After moisturizer and foundation are applied, dust translucent powder all over the face. This step is crucial because it helps the bronzer apply evenly.

Start with a shimmer-free bronzer one shade darker than your natural skin tone. When it comes to bronzer, avoid anything too warm with fair skin. Honey-toned shades with pink or peach undertones will flatter most.

Use a medium size blush brush and swirl it in the powder. Tap or blow it on a tissue to relieve excessive powder. Then, sweep the brush along your hairline, under your cheekbones and on the tip of your nose and chin, emphasizing the natural areas the sun would hit.

To warm the bronzer, layer a shimmery bronzer with peach or pink undertones. However, be cautious to not go too sparkly. Apply it with a dome brush to the apples of your cheeks, as one would blush, and sweep any residue on the tip of your nose and temples.

Q: What eye shadow color works best with a fair complexion?

A: When it comes to color, a bold eye or lip can look ultra-glamorous against a light complexion. Earthy tones or pastels flatter, and you should wear black or black/brown mascara to play up your eyes. Create a subtle enhancement with soft pink, pale blue, champagne, navy, gray, or cool brown hues. Fair-skinned women also benefit from more daring bursts of color with eyeliner and shadows.

Q: Lips?

A: For a natural look throughout the day, try soft apricots and sandy or rosy pinks. For a more dramatic daytime lip, try a bright pink lip. It’s perfect for summer and livens any outfit! For a red lip to spice up the night, choose a red-blue tint. If you are looking for a darker color, choose plum or a wine-stained lip color. However, avoid browns at all costs because they can look dull on fair skin.

As a side note, watch out for lip-gloss during the summer because, like baby oil, lip-gloss absorbs and reflects sunlight, increasing your chances of a burn. Instead, try lip balms with SPF. They have the same shiny effect but will keep your lips happy and healthy.

Q: What clothing colors work best with my light skin tone?

A: Focus on warm khakis, peach tones, teals, red, bright blues and greens. Use black and white sparingly because the stark contrast is often too much for your skin and will only accentuate the lack of color.

With all of your options to keep your skin healthy and luxurious, embrace your fair complexion this summer. Instead of fretting about your lack of tan lines, focus on what you do have and what you can do with it!

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