Fashion News Recap: Pucci, The Great Gatsby

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by Danielle Zabrauskas, Fashion News Correspondent


Fashion brand Pucci is showcasing its history with the release a limited-edition book. Though the tome is widely available, they will print only 500 copies on the house’s original vintage fabric from the 70’s (which will sell for $1,800). Yet many consider it worth the value. The bound pages focus on the founding of the company in the 1950s through its presence as a global fashion powerhouse today. Laudomia Pucci stated “And [the book] deals with how to be true to yourself but still be part of today without being nostalgic.”


The Great Gatsby is set to be one of this summer’s biggest blockbusters. In the actual book, F. Scott Fitzgerald made many references to the Brooks Brothers brand. Catherine Martin, the costume designer, partnered with the movie to not only dress Leonardo DiCaprio, but also Brooks Brothers’ consumers. Picks from the film will be reproduced for a limited time in their Gatsby Collection. The store currently has Gatsby-themed window displays in all of its stores.

Cutler and Gross

The luxury eyewear company Cutler and Gross announced they will open their first American store next month, located at 110 Mercer St. in New York. They will hold an eyewear exhibition as well as optometric services. To celebrate the opening they will release a New York Style Collection, with full profits going to New York charities.


Luxury department store Harrods is preparing for new experiences. For a limited time the brand will have a space in Porto Cervo, a resort on the island of Sardinia. Set to be the epitome of extravagance, the store will be made of crystal and steel. It will have multiple events while open.

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