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by Maddy Gilson


Interning in Chicago means you will have the freedom of dressing formally, yet with a creative twist. The office dress code should help give you determine whether it’s a corporate or creative environment, but keep in mind the location can also help guide you. For example, if your office is located in the Loop, then you will most likely find yourself in a corporate setting. It is also a good idea to bring a light jacket or blazer since it tends to be very windy, especially as you get closer to the lake. In Chicago, you can truly place your own personal twist on a professional look.

Ladies Creative

Women Creative

When dressing for an office with a creative vibe, feel free to play with patterns and bright colors. An outfit that is classy and polished, yet shows personality is ideal. Try incorporating one unique piece into your outfit, such as a patterned blouse or bright flats. Investing in multiple pairs of cropped pants is an easy way to have more outfit options, and as an added plus, they can be worn casually.

Ladies Corporate

Women Corporate

In Chicago, dressing for a corporate office means creating an outfit that looks chic and professional. Keep bold colors and patterns to a minimum, or balance them out by wearing a simple blazer or dress pants. Must-have items include button downs, pencil skirts, a black blazer, black pants and a sleek bag. Shoes should be either dressy flats or heels with heights under three inches. A corporate environment means you must always dress appropriately, but this only implies creating sharp and classy outfits.

Mens Creative

Men Creative

Men working in a creative environment should dress appropriately, but are allowed pieces on the casual side. Wearing sports shirts or oxfords with chinos is an easy way to dress well while staying comfortable. To give your outfit a hint of personality, choose shirts in a color that strays from the average subtle hues.

Mens Corporate

Men Corporate

The corporate office dress code for a male means wearing suits everyday. It is essential to have a suit tailored, in order to ensure a perfect fit. Choose a suit in black, navy or grey since they are basic colors and can be worn with almost any color dress shirt. Add personal touches with suit accessories such as a tie or pocket square.

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