Bringing the Screen to Life: The Notebook

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by Caroline Kreul


The adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel The Notebook is one of the iconic romance films of our generation. The classic tale of Noah and Allie as young lovers forced apart and reunited again resonates with viewers both young an old, leading all to tears of sadness and joy.



Allie is the only daughter of a wealthy, southern cotton corporation owner, and falls deeply in love with Noah, a simple lumberyard worker. The two are inseparable for an entire summer until Allie’s parents decide that Noah is “not suited” for her and force her to abruptly move away. Both lovers find themselves on completely different paths in life until fate steps in, bringing them together again and forcing Allie to decide between her now-fiancé, Lon, and her first love, Noah.


The movie features styles straight from its setting in the 1930’s and 40’s. Allie, played by Rachel McAdams, looks stunning in a vast array of dresses, coats and oh-so-30’s espadrille sandals. In this scene, Noah, played by the handsome Ryan Gosling, takes Allie on a boat ride down a river near his home.

It begins to thunder so Noah paddles back and docks the boat. Allie then accuses him of not writing to her after she left that summer, years ago. Noah refutes her, saying, “I wrote you 365 letters. I wrote you every day for a year.” As rain pours down on them, the pair shares a passionate kiss as though nothing has changed since their last summer together.



While some of us are hesitant to rock an all-out 30’s ensemble, an updated version of Allie’s look is just as classy and feminine. Reminiscent of Allie’s classic strand of pearls and matching pearl earrings, a white, polka-dot print provides an updated twist to an otherwise simple, blue chambray dress. Its fit-and-flare style also cinches your waist, much like Allie’s skinny belt. Instead of the floral trim seen on Allie’s collar and sleeves, accent your ensemble with floral-inspired jewelry. This could include a bracelet and fun earrings in similar blue tones. Finished with an updated pair of t-strapped, white lace espadrilles, this Allie-inspired ensemble is the perfect outfit with which to finally welcome spring!


Dress (Forever21): $25

Earrings (Forever21): $4

Bracelet (Forever21): $13

Sandals (Macy’s, Bandolino): $69

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