Style Icon Showdown: Lana Del Rey v. Adele

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by Jesse Tovar

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Adele and Lana Del Rey are no longer strangers to the silver screen. Both were respectively selected to sing the leading songs for two blockbuster films: Skyfall and the upcoming The Great Gatsby. Despite being exquisite songstresses, the two have also been noted for their fashion choices and style in Hollywood. Now it’s up for you to decide who makes the better style icon!

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As we covered in our full Style Icon of the musician, Lana Del Rey made a name for herself when her single “Video Games” quickly became immensely popular online. Her early 1960s musical and stylistic aesthetic drew in everyone for a ride as we were led into a different world, one of heart-stopping romance, mysterious lovers and a darker side to Hollywood. Her Gatsby single “Young and Beautiful” is no different. It’s lush, romantic and encapsulates everything we love about the Gatsby era. On the red carpet, Lana continues to wow with curve-hugging gowns and dramatic makeup. It’s easy to forget she is an actual person, since listening to her music makes one feel like she is a star in her own movie. Her looks pay homage to the past and early Hollywood, but are exceedingly modern at the same time. Moreover, thanks to a recent collaboration with H&M, Lana is further dipping her toes in the fashion world – and we love every bit of it.

Listen to “Young and Beautiful”:

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Adele won the hearts of all hopeless romantics with her heartbreaking single “Chasing Pavements.” Her debut album 19 went on to sell over 6.5 million copies worldwide as Adele was nominated left and right for awards. Her winning streak continued with her sophomore album 21 in 2011, which went on to sell over 27 million copies worldwide. So how does one dress with the whole world looking? Timelessly, according to Adele. Gifted with what might just be the best locks in Hollywood, Adele shines on the red carpet, from her strawberry colored hair, exquisite black dresses and a definite air of confidence. At the young age of 24, it seems impossible that Adele has already conquered the music world, yet leaves the question on everyone’s minds: what will she do next?

Listen to “Skyfall”:

So who do you think is the ultimate Style Icon winner? Leave your responses below!

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