The Best Sandals for Summer

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by Emma Leuman

As the days get warmer, fewer and fewer of us want to stifle our feet in closed-toe shoes. After all, the freedom that comes with putting on a pair of sandals is something best understood by someone who has spent the last five months in snow boots. You may find pleasure in the warmth of the sun on your toes, or in knowing that your feet are (finally!) free. In embarking on your first open-toe day, you may wonder, “Which sandals will be the most functional, make a statement and get attention?” In that department, no worries: I’ve got you covered!

strappy sandals


One thing that may stop you from sliding on your sandals during the first warm days of the year are the memories of repeatedly having your heel stepped on by passerby on the way to class.  It happens to us all, with someone in a hurry stepping on the back of your shoe as you continue walking right out of it, hopefully without breaking the strap.  There is a solution to this annoying problem: straps, and lots of them.  If your foot is well contained by a multitude of straps, or chains of some sort, you’ll be able to keep your shoe on all day, without sacrificing comfort or style.

colorful sandals

Bright Colors

Now you may be thinking, “What if I’m more into having my shoes say something about me than ensuring they prevent me from looking stupid on University Avenue?”  If so, you are clearly more coordinated than I, but you may have a point.  There is something to be said for a pair of sandals that makes an outfit.  An easy way to accomplish this is through the use of bright color, usually of the neon variety.  Fun elements like beads, studs or crocheting will also add to your look.  Don’t go overboard with the rest of your outfit in this case – you’ll want your sandals to be the focus of the look.

wedged sandals


For those of you that want to draw the stares of the suddenly attractive men around campus (now that they aren’t wearing forty layers and you can actually see them), there are wedged sandals.  These wonderful variations on the typical open-toe shoe give you a little extra height, while improving your posture and making your calves look as if you spent your winter working out instead of holed up in your room watching Gossip Girl reruns on Netflix.  You can opt for a neutral color to add an extra kick to a simple outfit, or pick a colored pair to show off your wild side.

It really is that easy.  Sandals don’t have to be something you need to put a lot of thought into, and if you own a pair from each category above, you’ll be set for the season.  So don’t spend too much time debating which to wear – after all, sandals are about freedom.  You’ll know you look good without actually having to think about it.  Now slip on a pair and get out there to enjoy the weather!

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