Intern Style Guide: Twin Cities

by Marissa Monett

Minneapolis Skyline

Minneapolis/St. Paul is one of the largest hubs for music, theater and art. If you’re interning there this summer, start thinking “modernized vintage.” Finding the right proportion between old-fashioned trends and fresh modern updates is the key to embodying the style of the two cities. Get creative. Go to a vintage store and buy a couple pieces you can combine with contemporary options. Try mixing and matching patterns. Add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral ensemble. However, bear in mind I’m saying get creative, not crazy. “Dressing to impress” should always be at the front of your priorities. But that doesn’t mean your outfit has to be boring!


Women Corporate

If you’re interning at a corporation that maintains a more conservative environment, you don’t have to stick to boring black suits and pencil skirts. Look for business-professional styles in brighter colors and fun patterns. Try throwing it back to 50s. Opt for the green skirt or dress instead of the black one. Purchase the polka-dot blouse instead of the white one. Get a little crafty in your style, but make sure you keep it professional.


Women Creative

If your internship is at a more creative venue, take advantage of the flexibility in dress while still keeping it classy. Even though it’s a bit more relaxed than a corporate environment, make sure to not show too much skin. One great layering option is a jean jacket, as almost everything looks cute with the style. In terms of a decade to channel, think the 1940s, with sweet floral patterns, polka dots, lace, oxfords and woven sandals.


Men Corporate

The style of the Twin Cities is a bit more laid back than that of a big city like New York. For a professional environment, still stick to slacks and suit coats but try other neutral colors than black. My favorite addition to any man’s outfit? A bow tie. Take a step back in time and rock the bow tie with a pair of oxford dress shoes. I promise your female co-workers will do a double-take.


Men Creative

Embrace the artsy atmosphere of the Cities with dark, cuffed jeans, light button ups and rugged blazers. Earthy colors and dark blues are a great combination. And don’t forget to wear the right shoes – these suede boots are my favorite, as they’re dressier than typical sneakers but casual enough to wear with jeans.

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