Last Summer’s Trends that Need to Go

by Meghann Stelzner

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1.    Tangerine Tango

Declared by Pantone in 2012 as the “Color of the Year,” tangerine has now diminished under the overgrowth of emerald. Deep greens hit fashion runways throughout the Spring 2013 shows, at labels including Michael Kors, Valentino and Vivienne Westwood. I love this trend because the color represents so much, including strength, luck, growth and wealth. Women who wear emerald achieve an elegance not found from many other colors. So attention to all those tangerine-tango lovers: don’t be green with envy, but hop on board with this new color trend!

2.    Paisley

Stella McCartney called it paisley, Paul Smith called it Tootal. This look was a major trend throughout Spring/Summer 2012, but MODA is declaring it out. When thinking of paisley, I am reminded of my grandmother’s faded couch that shouldn’t be seen anywhere near a runway. Not only does paisley wash a girl out with the multiplicity of clashing colors, but its bold pattern also distracts from the body it clothes.

3.    Sportswear/Track & Field

The motto for last summer was “sports fans don’t need a gym to show off their workout clothes.” However, my vote is, ladies, save it for the gym. Urban leisurewear features techie fabrics, sleek track pants, high performance footwear, mesh and exposed zippers. However, this is not clothing meant for the catwalk or any type of stylish outing. Save the attire for running errands or lounging around your apartment.

4.    Marine Mania

This spring and summer fashion trend revolved around sparkles, trying to mimic the sea in literal terms.  Sparkles can turn tacky very quickly, as this trend highlighted. Though the mermaid effect works well if you have a Prince Eric waiting for you along the shore, when reality bites, it’s clear sparkles simply interfere.

5.    Slick and Sleek

This Spring/Summer 2012 beauty trend emphasized the slicked-back look of hair from the 1920’s. It gives a woman no texture or volume to play on when it comes to styling hair. Instead, it creates a cold impression that feels like it’s suppressing all forms of self-expression thanks to the necessary mound of hairspray and wax.  While I do agree that slick ponytails are flattering on some women, summer is meant for beachy waves and natural hair.

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