What I Love About Myself

by Madeline Gilson

Too often we spend copious amounts of time fixated on the things we don’t like about ourselves, the things we obsess over in an attempt to fix or change, forgetting that these elements are what make us unique, and are truly beautiful. As a reminder to our readers to celebrate themselves, every day, MODA took to interviewing strangers on the streets of Madison, asking the simple question: “What do you love about yourself?”

Enjoy the responses below and have a wonderful end to your semester!

Collage Picture

From top to bottom, left to right:

“My positive attitude” – Em G.

“My hair” – Carrie W.

“My smile” – Anna P.

“My compassion” – Jenny D.

“Our eyes” – Allison N. & Lauren W.

“Our humor” – Alex Y., Allison S., & Tori M.

“My eyes” – Elyse B.

“My loyalty to friends” – Florence E.

“My creativity & colors” – Jill E.

“My jokes” – Maarika O.

“My style” – Nell B.

“My friendliness” – Chantal G.

“My honesty” – Bryana O.

“My ambition” – Mei C.

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