The Biggest and Best Menswear Blogs: Round Two

by Katy Hertel

 Four Pins 2

One small compilation of major menswear blogs is not enough to adequately profile all of the great sites that exist on the Internet! As such, here are a few more of the biggest and best menswear blogs:

Die Workwear 1

Die, Workwear!

Editor Derek Guy launched his website “Die, Workwear!” in 2011 with the promise of creating a blog about classic, tailored menswear. Guy has since become a contributing writer for another popular menswear blog, “Put This On,” but still manages to consistently post original articles to his own site. His content continues to make readers stop and appreciate his creative and unique subjects, which have now begun to distinguish him from the rest of the blogging world.

A Continuous Lean 1

A Continuous Lean

Created in 2007, “A Continuous Lean” is no newcomer to menswear blogs. With an appreciation for the good old days and well-made goods, editor Michael Williams takes a global perspective on menswear. Williams shares his most recent travels with stunning photosets that leave you wishing for the means to follow him across the world on his adventures to the hippest and most hidden centers of fashion.

Highsnobiety 2


“Highsnobiety” is one of five online fashion and lifestyle news websites under the the independent publisher, Titelmedia. Launched in 2012, editor David Fischer has turned this blog from menswear-centered to a blog that covers the latest in new and emerging trends and products in the world of fashion, accessories, art, design, automotives and much more. If you’re looking to stay up-to-date on the latest brands and industry news, add this site to your feed.

Four Pins 1

Four Pins

Editor Lawrence Schlossman’s caustic personality shines through the snark-heavy writing on “Four Pins.” The posts have a much-appreciated entertaining quality about them that mixes well with the latest and readily available fashion news and style advice. Schlossman embraces high-end streetwear as well as the timeless Italian tailoring always favored by bloggers. If you’re looking for a site that will tell you exactly how they feel (and I mean exactly), this is one you do not want to pass up.

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