Street Smart: Transitioning to Fall

by Kylie Hernandez, Contributing Writer

Brianna Sept 17 Street Smart

With summer coming to an end and fall just around the corner, it can be challenging to find the perfect between-season ensemble suitable for the changing weather.

Yet while leaving Coffee Bytes with my much-needed afternoon coffee, I came across Brianna, who was successfully bridging this seasonal gap. Wearing a leopard print scarf layered over a white, short-sleeved sweater and a pair of black Lululemon leggings, Brianna’s outfit was composed entirely of transitional pieces that are not only ideal for this time of year, but perfect for the busy college student who craves a comfortable yet stylish outfit to wear to class. However, these cozy elements of her look were not necessarily what stood out to me the most. Instead, her adorable brown, studded boots really caught my eye. A must-have for the upcoming fall season, these boots completed her effortless ensemble, giving us all a perfect example of what to wear as the summer heat fades and crisp fall temperatures begin to settle in.

Here’s the Breakdown:

Name: Brianna Weseley

Year: Senior

Major: Communication Arts

Wearing: “This sweater is from H&M and my scarf is from Express. My leggings are
Lululemon, and I actually just got these boots! They’re a pair of Pink &
Pepper’s from The Boston Store.”

Favorite Places to Shop: “I like to shop at Dry Goods and Express. I also love Lululemon, H&M, and
Forever 21.”

Inspiration: Pinterest

Personal Style: “I like to be casual, but cute when I’m dressing for class. For a night out, I
love dressing up and looking girly.”

Favorite Item of Clothing in Her Closet: “Right now it would definitely be my big comfy sweaters. I absolutely love them, and you can’t go wrong with them in the fall.”

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